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  “Create”  Emily vanSonnenberg, 2018   Acrylic on canvas

Emily vanSonnenberg, 2018
Acrylic on canvas

Emily has a devotion and commitment to her clients that is unlike anything I have experienced. It feels like my wellbeing and betterment is an absolute priority for her. I’m not receiving 5-star care... it’s more like 10-star care!
— Leo, 46, professional guitarist

The world needs art and artists need to create. Art is an active and even passive part of the human existence. One that most every human, in every culture, engages and has a relationship with to some extent. From the music we listen to, the film and television performances that add laughter and comfort to our days, the thought-provoking ideas put forth by writers, the mesmerizing movement of dance, superhuman abilities demonstrated by athletes, the harmony of an orchestra and its members, to the escape into another time and place presented to us by a painting. These, and many others, are examples of the power of art.

Being born an artist is a gift. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy to be an artist, much less—to pursue and create art for a living. The decision to pursue a life of creating and sharing your art with the world is brave. Artists, by nature, must be able to freely express themselves to live. For the artist who can feel blocked, unable to create and express what’s inside, it can feel like being imprisoned.

Artists deserve access to support as they pursue their craft. Days can be tough. One’s emotional experience can be colorful—and not always pretty. With formal acting and psychology training, I understand and am here to offer the support that will most help an artist persevere, believe in and pursue their craft and calling. My intention is to help you set yourself free—so you can create.

I work with artists who are just starting out to veteran, award-winning professionals in their field.

Commonly requested areas artists seek support for:

body awareness
somatic exercises
meditation practices

Psychological & Behavioral
organization and structure of one’s day
healthy habit formation
unlearning unwanted habits
psychological and behavioral healing info: click here

Writing, Acting, Directing
script breakdown
character development
creative brainstorming
audition prep for actors, dancers, musicians, comedians
quick, 5-25-minute boosts before an audition or performance
honest and constructive feedback on finished & in-progress work

If you would like to further explore working together,
please send an email to:

Information about some of my education and training in the arts can be found on the here.