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If you are interested in Psychology and think you’d like to pursue a career in the field, there are innumerable options available to you. Identifying what you truly want and the best way for you to pursue your career in this field can be an emotional, logistical and overwhelming maze of options. Many false notions and beliefs exist about this field that, unfortunately, deter gifted and hopeful future psychological practitioners. Individuals frequently ask for guidance on this topic: how to pursue a fulfilling career in the field of Psychology.

People ought to have access to informed advice and preferably from people who have been there before. And, importantly, from persons who love their work!

I believe it is important to help guide inspired and industrious individuals toward their dreams and goals through informed, honest and practical mentorship. Early on in my studies, the guidance provided to me by mentors was invaluable. 

Often I observe individuals spend unnecessary time, energy and finances towards various certificates, programs, degrees and internships; frequently, their efforts have not created a career whereby they experience meaning, purpose and energy. You should not have to waste any more resources.

My intention is to support you in the ways you deem valuable and help you to identify and create a fulfilling career, while making the maze of options easier for you to navigate. Guiding you to get clear on what you want, why and how you can pursue what you intend with conviction, efficiency and determination.

Some ways I can help:

  • present options for various career paths

  • explore which career will give you the experience you hope for

  • find the right program for you and your goals

  • share information about how to make yourself a competitive candidate (in the eyes of admissions) for graduate school admissions programs

  • provide practical resources to help you research options

  • discuss entrepreneurship as a psychology practitioner—and develop yours

  • provide you with strategies which will help you to identify your gifts and strengths so you see yourself and your capabilities clearly

  • identify your work calling

I am of the belief — based on research, observation and experience — that, usually, whatever a person can conceive of as possible is possible. I love teaching and mentoring, and believe that informed guidance in the early stages of an individual's learning career can be an invaluable support. I’d love to help you. Please email me if you would like to inquire about mentoring support.

If you would like to further explore working together, please send an email to: