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I can’t express how much I’ve gotten out of this class and how happy I am that it, and you, exist.
— Aaron, 42 Director of Community Mental Health
I wish I had taken this class before becoming a parent!
— Bella, 34, professional actress, mother & wife

Happiness: The Science and Practice of Positive Psychology is a practical scientific course that explores what makes human beings flourish. This 6-week course is offered in a virtual setting, and can be taken privately or in small groups. My hope is to give people the opportunity to learn about the practical science of happiness with the same high-quality that I teach in my university courses, but without the pressure of worrying about grades, assignments and deadlines. Each week, you will have the option to meet me with to discuss class topics and how we can tailor activities to you and your goals.

The course covers the major scientific findings that account for happiness and life satisfaction, as well as teaches people how to apply scientific findings in meaningful ways that will enhance well-being, relationships and life goals. Opportunities will be presented to engage in evidence-based activities that enhance aspects of your well-being, which I will provide you with feedback on. You will walk away from this course with practical knowledge for how to increase your own and others' well-being, as well as become equipped with a toolbox of simple methods that will enable you to feel happier, more productive and more fulfilled.


  • develop your character strengths
  • improve communication in relationships
  • increase positive emotions
  • cultivate inspiration and creativity
  • overcome decision-making biases
  • build resilience
  • become more brave as you pursue the goals that matter most to you
  • integrate gratitude, novelty, savoring and mindfulness into your life
  • strengthen motivation and self-regulation

If you would like to inquire about private or small group courses, please send an email to: