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I accomplished more in 1 session of consulting with Emily than I had in 3 years of weekly therapy!
— Aaron, 35, Senior Vice President, Wealth Management Firm
It’s always with some trepidation that you invite a speaker to lead your staff in Professional Development without having heard them yourself beforehand. However, I need not have had any worries or concerns about how Emily would come across at all! Her recent presentation on Positive Education to the teaching staff at St Mary’s College (which has students aged 5 – 18 years of age) was highly engaging, intelligent, relevant, and professionally prepared and presented. Right from our initial engagement with her to come and speak to our staff, Emily always strove to meet our needs and what we were aiming and looking for. This enabled me to ask teachers what they would like Emily to address within her presentation, which she then went out of her way to meet. The feedback from teachers, both during and after Emily’s presentation, was extremely favourable. If only she lived in Australia (and better still, in Adelaide!), as we would LOVE to have her come back again and work with our students as well as our staff.
— Lorna Starrs, Deputy Principal: Student Wellbeing, St Mary’s College, Adelaide, South Australia.

As a well-being consultant, I work with private and public organizations, as well as individuals and families who are interested to learn scientific information and evidence-based strategies that will enhance their goals. I aim to provide perspectives and possibilities for new ways to approach the topic or endeavor of interest, and to supply relevant information and practical strategies to pursue and achieve meaningful goals. All information taught, shared and discussed employs a combination of scientific fields, which we would tailor to you, your family member, or organization’s needs — to ultimately experience meaningful expansion and measurable achievements.

Depending on your needs, vision, and goals, information and methods may draw from Positive Psychology, Positive Organizational Scholarship, Appreciative Inquiry, Resilience and Strengths-based practices, Relationship Science, Motivation Psychology, Social Psychology, Cognitive Science and Neuroscience. I always provide clients with evidence-based methods and practical strategies that can be self-administered.



  • Performance

  • Motivation

  • Unblocking creativity

  • Perseverance and resilience

  • Grit

  • Goal-setting and achievement

  • Job Crafting: making work more meaningful

  • Communication and effective feedback

  • Organization and study habits

  • Enhance Meaning and Satisfaction

  • Increase positive emotions and self-esteem

  • Making learning and working fun!

  • Income growth


  • Psychological consulting and support for film & television project (on-set or virtual)

  • Character development & script breakdown for actors, writers and directors

  • Start-up development: Assess and create an action plan to move you forward

  • Create meaningful gifts and celebrations for others: Brainstorm ideas and develop action steps for creating meaningful gifts & celebrations that are memorable and foster greater connection in your relationships

  • Entrepreneurs: clarify your purpose, set goals, overcome fears and blocks, learn strategies to strengthen your grit and resilience.


  • Positive Education

  • Positive Communication

  • Achievement and performance

  • Job Crafting: making work more exciting & meaningful

  • Character Strengths

  • Communication

  • Strengths-based leadership and teamwork

  • Increase Resilience

  • Increase Employee Satisfaction

  • Enhance Meaning and Fulfillment

  • Strategies to increase optimal functioning



  • 1-on-1 consultation

  • collaborative group discussions & brainstorming (e.g., with work teams, parents & children)

  • lecture, presentation, workshop or webinar

  • written feedback for psychological questions

  • script reading and identifications for where to expand character or story

  • validation of research & editing for science-based projects

*If the topic you're interested in isn't found above, please contact Emily to inquire.


Individuals include:

  • Award-winning and award-nominated directors and actors on character development and script breakdown

  • Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG award-winning producers for film projects and television series

  • Emmy-winning songwriters and composers, and recording artists

  • Grammy-winning producers

  • Award-winning screenwriters for film; playwrights

  • Royal families

  • Major League Baseball general managers, coaches and athletes

  • Professional soccer/football athletes

Organizations include:

  • AmeriCorps

  • HealthCorps

  • The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

  • The Jewish Federation International

  • Jewish Vocational Services of Los Angeles

  • Elementary, middle and high school principals and teachers on Positive Education

  • University professors and lecturers on how to
    teach Positive Psychology at the college level

  • Citigroup executives

If you would like to request a 15-minute complimentary chat
to learn more about hiring Emily to consult for you, your family or organization,
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